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3 images side-by-side. A regular portrait photo of Mikael Lemberg, a funny photorealistic caricature of Mikael Lemberg, a cyberpunk futuristic portrait of Mikael Lemberg

About Mikael Lemberg

I am a professional AI Artist. My day-job is as a SVP Product in a large MarTech company, but parallel to that, I devote most of my attention to my primary interest: Creating amazing art using generative AI tools.

My main tool is Midjourney, but I have a broad tool stack, and often also work with other AI tools such as ChatGPT, upscaler and animation technologies and even 3D printing hardware.

Through my many years working within Marketing Technology, I have developed a distinct intuition, helping me easily navigate the dynamic and rapidly evolving AI Art scene, while at the same time having a deep-rooted understanding of marketing strategies, audience segmentation and outcome-generative visuals.

I view the current development in AI generative tools as a creative revolution! For the first time ever, people now have the power to take ideas straight from concept to visual, only with minimal technical expertise. And I love how AI Art is also swiftly becoming a mixed media space, that doesn't just feed into digital imaging but is also becoming a popular source of physical art, whether that's large-scale canvas prints or 3D printed objects and sculptures.

Lastly, I have a great passion for teaching and distributing my knowledge onwards. I run a Patreon community, where anyone can sign up to access my exclusive educational material about AI Art, and leverage me as a coach and tutor live via a Private Discord server. I also offer commercial educational services such as workshops and keynote speaking. Please see my "Services and Prices" section for more information.

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